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Hey all you horny guys out there! I’m Whet Red and I am a wild, sexy and eager red-head with curves in all the right places! I am here to play out all of your exciting, hot and kinky fantasies!! You won’t believe my insatiable hunger for anything that might get both you and me off together!! I confess, I am a sex-addict so let’s not waste a moment.  Cum and talk to me and you shall find me to be most willing to please and that I TRULY GET OFF on nearly anything, as long as it is getting you off. People ask do I fake orgasms…..why bother…I want this as much as you do….I crave cumming so please help me get off HARD!!! The delights ahead:  Just for starters: MULTIPLE ORGASMS, SLOPPY WET/GAG/CHOKE BLOW JOBS, SQUIRTING, DOUBLE PENETRATION, TRIPLE PENETRATION, ROLE PLAY, FEET/ASS/COCK WORSHIP, TABOOS, ALL KINDS OF FETISH OR KINK SHOWS, just ask!! I am here to please or punish you, which ever the case may be!

I have a MASSIVE collection of SEXY LINGERIE, COSTUMES and HOT OUTFITS, WIGS, along with well over 200 PAIRS OF HEELS/ BOOTS, and then there are my SEX TOYS!!! Name it, I most likely have it, and if I don’t, check back, I will more than likely have it next month…lol All this and more on my laptop and/or desktop, with HIGH SPEED broadband internet and HIGH DEFINITION web cams! Cum blow your load with me, or should I say, on or in me?!! SKYPE me…..come on….we both know it’s what we really need, nothing else matters!! And the cherry on top? I have THE ABILITY TO SEND YOU TWO DIFFERENT CAM FEEDS FOR ME TO SHOW OFF FROM TWO DIFFERENT ANGLES: DOUBLE THE REASON TO CALL ME….Oh yea baby!! It’s like two for one, twins! Write me on Skype any time as I often am working but just taking calls as per individual request… CUSTOM VIDEOS made upon request 🙂 OR ask me about my large home library collection that I already have…

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Basic Cam Shows

Voyeur Show (I watch; you play)

You watch me or we watch each other:

Clothed: ($2.50/min., 10 minute minimum)

Topless: ($2.99/min., 10 minute minimum)

Fully Nude: ($3.50/min., 10 minute minimum)

Extreme Cam Shows: (We can custom make any show your sick imagination can dream up: ($4.50/min., 10 minute minimum)

Phone Sex Hot personal talk: you will love my sexy voice…trust me. ($1.99/min., 10 minute minimum)

Extreme talk: let’s go there and let me get you off hard! ($2.80/min.,10 minute minimum)

Sexting/IM Texting or Skype IM: ($1.99/min., 10 minute minimum)

Skype with sexy pics: ($2.99/min., 10 minute minimum)