Hi! I’m Lucy. As you spend some one-on-one time with me on phone or cam, you will find that I am all over the place with my kink. But of all the things that I am into, being submissive is the most important. It is not just something I do on calls and shows, it is my nature. I have spent some time in the scene as a submissive and masochist but I am currently in a very vanilla relationship. So all of the experience I get now is virtually. This is not just a way for me to make a living, this is my outlet for all of my dark fantasies and desires that are part of what make me whole!

Here are some of the things we can do: fantasy/role play/story telling – we can work on a story together about you and I having a scene together where you are my top at a fetish part or make ourselves part of a dark fantasy world where I am your slave. We can do this on a phone sex call or a cam show, while you watch me lay back and touch myself. You can control me; take control of my orgasm, edge me, deny me or make me cum until I beg you to stop. Tell me how to dress for you and then make me strip to nothing.

I also do extreme BDSM. I can do tight rope bondage by your instruction or on my own, impact with my hand or fist, cane, crop, handle of a screw driver, hair brush to the point of making marks (including blood), play with ice, nipple clamps, clothespins in various places, rubber bands (around tits or snapping them all over my body), bit gag, do stress positions, use markers and lipstick to write on myself. You can humiliate me, call me names, give me instructions for humiliation, etc. I also have dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, a vibe, collar and leash etc.

We can also work up short term contracts to include assignments outside of my normal schedule which can include texting, phone calls and pictures from me proving to you that I have completed the tasks you have assigned.

In addition to BDSM, I also enjoy general suck and fuck fun as well as anal, cuckolding fantasies, some role playing, smoking fetish (I vape), JOI and other masturbation games, foot fetish play, and on the extreme side, I love doing ass to mouth and pee play.

Contact me:
Skype: lustylucycam
Discord: lustylucycam#1826
Call or text: 650-479-5829

$1.99/min with a 10 min minimum for sexting or phone sex
$2.49/min with a 10 min minimum for sexting with pictures
$3.49/min with a 10 min minimum for extreme phone sex with pictures

$2.49/min with a 10 min minimum for clothed cam
$2.99/min with a 10 min minimum for topless cam
$3.49/min with a 10 min minimum for nude cam 
$4.99/min with a 10 min minimum for extreme cam

Pay ahead and Ultimate girlfriend/submissive/slave experience begins at $150

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